14B, Simonovsky Val Street

14B, Simonovsky Val Street

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About the restaurant

The first thing that catches your eye is the unusual architecture of the building itself, where this “CHAIKHONA №1” is located. The building itself is already a city’s attraction: round three-story mansion in hi-tech style, made of steel and glass, resembling nomadic yurt of the XXI century. Inside the building everything is subject to transformation: moving from floor to floor and from room to room, each time guests find themselves in a completely different, unexpected space. The room on the first floor is a cozy city café with oriental colour and panoramic large lawn. Above it there is a drowning in the darkness chill-out hall and another hall, spacious and full of light, with the VIP-alcove. Here, in the evenings guests are entertained by DJs and oriental dancers. The third floor, depending on the season, works as summer veranda or is turned into a winter garden. The transformation of the space, daring mix of styles, formats, components and materials - all this makes the lounge-cafe on Simonovsky Val Street one of the most unusual grounds of our project. The most difficult thing is to breathe life into such an eclectic, but it seems that with the guests’ help we have succeeded.

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Today before 06:00


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