2, Pushkinskaya Square

2, Pushkinskaya Square

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The “CHAIKHONA №1” on the Pushkinskaya Square occupies the first floor of the legendary "ROSSIJA" cinema. This is not just another lounge-cafe but a huge entertainment complex in the heart of the capital. It works until the morning, and here you can find all kinds of recreation ways that can possibly be offered to our guests by us. Dining areas, numerous chill outs of large and small size, isolated from the public eye, a circular bar with a built-in high stage for musicians and dancers, several open kitchens, hookah rooms, POYHONA "Estrada" karaoke, a children's playroom, and even the store where you can find unusual items to decorate home interiors - all of that is put together in one place on the Pushkinskaya Square. And finally the complex is crowned by a huge summer veranda to which lead the main stairs of the "ROSSIJA" movie theater. During the international festivals stars of the first magnitude went up these stairs and future great actors and directors ascended them to the well-deserved fame.

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Hungry Games
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