16A, bld4, Leningradskoe shosse

16A, bld4, Leningradskoe shosse


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City of the future - that's what you can’t help but think, looking at urban galleries of the “Metropolys” shopping centre. It contains everything that defines the style of tomorrow. Not surprisingly, in this vast complex there was a place for a “CHAIKHONA №1” Café. The cafe has one big hall in the center - the soft area with a sofa and a table for two people. The islands for large companies are scattered all around. Non-smoking guests can stay in a yurt, and those who like the atmosphere of a busy shopping district, will be offered places in the balcony, from where the streets of the City of the Future, scattering in different directions, can be seen. The cafe has a separate seasonal ground- a summer terrace with an outdoor grill in the courtyard of the shopping center. Important sporting events and screenings are organized outdoors; among other attractions, suggested to the cafe guests there are amenities and cafe terraces, performances by DJs, belly dancing, board games, movie screenings and the “CHAIKHONA №1 LIVE KITCHEN” show.

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