51, Dmitry Ulianov Street

51, Dmitry Ulianov Street

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About the restaurant

In the South-West district of the capital several “CHAIKHONA №1” lounge-cafes are opened, one of them located on Dmitry Ulianov Street. It has two floors. The first one is in eastern style, with rugs, silk lampshades, massive carved pillars, large number of decorative bowls, jugs, and hookahs. The second floor hall is divided by columns and racks into three parts and has the looks of the European cafe. However, the East has also found its way here - there is a soft hookah room with sofas for a perfect decumbency. In the afternoon there is soft background music in the cafe, and at night – DJs’ sets. They are joined by musicians and dancers. Guests are offered board games, and for the little children parties are organized on Sundays. In summer outside the cafe there is a large veranda with the total capacity of 150 seats.

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Opening hours

Today before 02:00


subway Akademicheskaya
+7 (495) 234-02-33

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