Chaihona №1 36, Michurinskiy prospekt

Of all our cafes the “CHAIKHONA №1” on Michurinsky Avenue is the most youth-oriented one: MGIMO and MSU students are its most frequent guests.

This is understandable: the space of the cafe prepossesses to romantic dates behind the canopy in the first hall, and to a merry feast of the whole group in the second. The second hall is also equipped with a large stage, there is a bar and a counter with high stools, a fireplace and a banquet area. Special honor of the cafe is the summer veranda on the roof, similar to the eastern courtyard which is designed for 300 people.

At the beginning of each week end DJs and bands perform in the cafe, meanwhile each room keeps its sound. Guests are also entertained by belly dancing, board games, movie screenings and sporting events.

Details of the restaurant : г. Москва, ул. Егерская, дом 1, помещение IIIА, этаж 1, комната 2, 7(495) 234-02-33, Мелида, ИНН 9718077172, ОГРН 5177746005630, КПП 771801001