Chaihona №1 Цимлянская, д.2

Chaihona No.1 in the cozy Arfa park hotel in Sochi is located just a few steps from the Black Sea in the picturesque Imereti lowland near the grand sports facilities of the Olympic Park. From the first glance you will be amazed with the atmospheric interior of the restaurant, in which muffled tones and natural materials predominate. A large number of living plants add bright juicy accents to the overall picture. But the main attraction of the restaurant is its summer terrace with an area of more than 800 square meters. It occupies the entire space between the hotel pool and the seashore. Here, guests can sit on soft sofas and enjoy dishes of Eastern, Russian, Pan-Asian and Japanese cuisine, steam cocktails, as well as new offers from the Hungry Chef seasonal menu. Welcome to Chaihona No.1 in Sochi!

Details of the restaurant : г. Сочи, ул. ул. Цимлянская, д.2, офис 110 , +7(862)-444-49-99, Чайхона Сочи, ИНН: 2367001980, ОГРН: 1182375019067, КПП: 236701001