Chaihona №1 Люкшина, 5

Chaihona №1 in the Pobeda Plaza shopping mall is a modern space for rest, built according to the recent trends in design. Here you can taste hits of Eastern, European, Pan-Asian and Russian cuisine, author's cocktails, steam hookahs and novelties from the Hungry Chef seasonal menu. There are stylized oriental motifs in the interior, such as concrete "carpets", glass partitions with beautiful patterns and cozy gazebos for companies who want to get some privacy and to be the center of attention at the same time. There is a bar in the middle of the spacious hall, surrounded by original parametric columns. А cozy corner with a "green" wall in Chaihona No.1 can be transformed with the help of a decorative screen into a closed room for small events and business meetings. Also there is a kid's club in the restaurant, where children can have fun with the animator. See you in Chaihona No.1.